The Best Gardening Hat of 2021

The Best Gardening Hat of 2020

You might consider a gardening hat to be unnecessary, but once you work for hours in the uncomfortable scorching heat, you will appreciate the use of one. The hat will keep you fresh and cool, provide your face shade, and prevent sunburns. What’s more even if you do want a gardening hat it hard to know what is the best gardening hat.

A gardening hat is a bit different from a typical hat in that it is crafted out of high-quality materials with specific functionality. Therefore, here is your guide to buying the best gardening hat, so you can have a more fulfilling experience while you tend to your gardens and enjoy the weather.

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The 6 Best Gardening Hats

Wearing a hat outdoors, especially when you are to spend more time under the sun, is essential. Gardening without a doubt is an enjoyable and relaxing activity, however, it gets taxing with the hard labor that is required and the extreme heat that you might encounter.

Our guide brings you some of the best gardening hats out there. These are made out of the finest material and keep you safe. They are a perfect investment so that you get a hat that is both stylish and high on performance.

1. Unigear Sun Hat Fishing Hat

Unigear gardening hatTo protect you from the different weather conditions that you might encounter while working in the garden, Unigear brings you a sun hat that has extensive protection features to keep your skin safe from heat, dust, rain, and insects. It has a mosquito net, a breathable face mask, and a neck-covering sunshade that protects your face and neck from any insect bite or allergies that outdoor work can cause.

The versatility of the hat is what makes it more adequate for the job. All the safety features that the hat comes with are detachable, so you can remove the mosquito net or the neck sunshade to turn into a hat of your choice. The UPF 50+ rating and water repellent surface make the hat safe for use in rain or under the sun. It comprises a rear adjustable drawstring design for customization. There is a long chain strip with a cord-lock for a perfect fit.

The inside of the hat has a polyester sweatband that draws out the perspiration from your brow. The mesh fabric and hole vents placed strategically in the crown enable airflow to keep it cool even after use for more extended periods. The breathable material is helpful while you have to spend long hours under the sun. Storing the hat requires just rolling it up and placing it in the storage bag.

  • Customizable
  • Water-resistant
  • Mesh fiber and holes stop heat build-up
  • Removes sweat
  • Low-quality materials used

2. Racheljp Mosquito Net Hat

Working outdoors requires you to prepare yourself for all kinds of situations. The gardening hat by Racheljp is specially made to meet all the outdoor requirements and thus is loaded with protective features. It is a multi-purpose hat that can be used for various activities such as fishing, gardening, hunting, or camping.

It is made out of a breathable material that allows adequate ventilation so that your head does not heat up, which causes migraine or headache. There is a mesh net material that surrounds the hat to protect your face from insect and mosquito bites. It is a lifesaver as you can even get allergies or severely ill in case any poisonous insect bites you.

Very light and breathable material is used to tailor the hat. It has a wide brim that forms a large shade above your face and body so that you do not get sunburned while working for long hours in the garden or outdoors.

  • The net protects from insect bites
  • Use of light and breathable material
  • A multi-purpose hat
  • Protects from getting sunburnt
  • The mesh net hinders vision

3. Wide Brim Packable Booney Sun Hat by OUTZIE

The OUTZIE wide brim hat is the most comfortable pick on this list. It is made out of lightweight cotton fabric that helps in hot weather by keeping your head cool. It vents out the heat that also reduces sweat production in your scalp that can cause itchiness and irritation.

It has a 3-inch wide brim that shields your face and neck from excessive sunlight. You can stay outdoors as long as you want. You will be protected from the harsh sun rays and can work in relative peace and comfort. It comes in three different sizes so that you can pick one that matches your size.

It is a travel-friendly hat that you can carry with you anywhere you want. It is foldable and comes with a nylon carrying bag. The stylish hat is washable and dries up in no time at all. It comes with a year’s warranty so that you can purchase the hat with confidence.

  • Wide brim
  • Made of lightweight and breathable material
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Travel-friendly
  • The metal buttons corrode and leave behind marks

4. Quiksilver Men’s Pierside Straw Hat

The Quiksilver Pierside straw hat has a large brim that is enough to shield your face and neck. Apart from the neck coverage that it provides, it is reinforced so that it doesn’t blow away in case of high winds. It is not flimsy, so that you have trouble wearing it outdoors.

The hat is made out of 100% raffia straw. It is both lightweight and breathable so that you are not uncomfortable even in the most unforgiving heat. The chin cord with a wooden bead lock securely holds the hat above your head so that it stays in place.

You can wash the hat as the excessive sweat that, even though it doesn’t stay, leaves behind a smell that is discomforting for the wearer. However, you have to wash it gently using your hands. It is adjustable that helps you in being content and comfortable while carrying out the arduous job.

  • Use of high-quality material
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • It has a wide brim
  • Adjustable
  • Fragile

5. Super Wid e Brim Lifeguard Hat

The classic hat by HeadChange has a sturdy construction that encloses around your head to protect it from the harsh sun rays. Despite the sturdy construction, the hat comes with a year’s warranty so that you can purchase the hat with more confidence knowing what you are buying is worth the investment.

The large 5-inch brim provides you a remarkable shade. It covers both your face and neck so that you do not get sunburnt under the heat with the extensive hours spent under the sun. It comes with a chin cord and a wooden bead for adjustment. You can secure the hat above your head without the wind causing it to fall off.

The inner top of the hat has an elastic sweatband that removes perspiration. The elastic sweatband fits in perfectly around your head and stops sweat from building up and causing discomfort. If the moisture stays in for long, it can cause skin allergies and irritations.

  • Use of 100% natural straw
  • Sweatband stops perspiration build-up
  • 5-inch brim shades your face and neck
  • The chin cord and bead helps in adjustment
  • Average construction

6. Lenikis Unisex Hat

The Lenikis unisex hat is made using the best materials that guarantee optimal performance and help you remain fresh and active while you work in the garden pulling out weeds or sowing seeds. It is made of 100% genuine polyester that is strong and dries out quickly.

It has 50+ UPF fabric that blocks out 98% of UV rays that are harmful and cause you migraine issues. It protects your back, head, neck, and ears from the scorching sun and has extensive coverage. It is made of a lightweight material that is foldable and easy to carry with you.

The breathable mesh allows perfect ventilation so that you remain fresh and unheated. The side panels allow the flow of air to reduce sweat formation that can cause itchiness and skin problems. It has an adjustable back band and a chin cord so that the hat securely fits on your head.

  • Multi-purpose hat
  • The mesh material allows ventilation
  • Foldable
  • 50+ UPF fabric
  • Loses color
  • The brim is too flexible

Buying Guide

A gardening hat needs to have a few essential features that you must always consider before buying one.


The best outdoor hat is one that dries quickly. It helps in excellent ventilation and creates a cooling effect. The hat comes in a variety of materials that include polyester, raffia, straw, and cotton. Each material has a UPF rating that indicates the percent of UV rays that it protects you from when outside. Do not select a hat that allows sunlight to pass through it. A hat with a UPF rating of 30+ resists 96% of UV rays, whereas a hat 50+ UPF rating blocks 99% of the UV rays.


Part of comfortable wear is how cool and ventilated the hat is. Choose a fabric that allows airflow and reduces the heat build-up so that your head remains unheated. Those who have less or thin hair need to make sure that the hat is adequately ventilated or made has a wide brim.

Brim Shape and Size

You should go with a brim size that gives you higher shade and protection. A brim that keeps your ears and neck covered. The larger the brim size, the more you remain protected throughout the day, despite the changing angle and intensity of the sun. A hat with a downward sloping brim puts up with the changing angles of the sun, keeping you protected from the sun rays and heat during morning and afternoon hours.


Make sure your hat doesn’t hinder your vision. Do consider the way you move and keep your head while working. It will help you get a hat that doesn’t come in the way of your gardening.


A hat that helps you in working while it pours rain is a great purchase. The rain keeps you undisturbed with the hat that does not soak and makes work difficult for you.


The consistent use in varying weather and the perspiration leave behind an unpleasant smell in your hat. Buying a hat that is easy to wash is excellent in terms of hygiene as well. The fabric should be either washable in the machine or can be cleaned with the hands so that every time you wear it, you smell fresh and ready to take on the task.

Buying the Right Size

It is wise to purchase a hat that is a bit bigger so that you don’t hurt yourself. A smaller and tighter hat is uncomfortable to wear and can cause headaches and marks. The heat and sweat in a tightly fit hat cause blisters and cuts on your skin as the material bites into it.

Protects Your Hair and Scalp

Your hair stops the UV rays from reaching your scalp. In case you have thin hair or are bald, you need more protection. You must have a hat that covers your entire head and the back of your neck. Those who have had hair treatments or used any kind of chemical on the hair should especially make sure the hat they buy should stop sun rays from piercing the hat fabric.

Gardening is fun, however, you need to brace yourself for the weather cadences that are part and parcel of the outdoor work. You need to have a hat that helps you put up with the changing weather and especially the sun that makes it tough to enjoy even what we love.

We have brought you some of the best hats that have been tried and tested, so that you can purchase them knowing you are getting the best value for your money. No matter how the weather is, it should not stop you from doing what you love. Enjoy the sweet smell of the flowers and watch them blossom as you move around in the perfect hat for your garden!

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