The Best Artificial Grass in 2021

Artificial Grass

I am in California and a reality of being in California is that oftentimes artificial grass is a better option than real grass. No matter where you live artificial grass is about as low maintenance as it gets and will last much much longer than real grass. In California specifically it is also often too expensive or not a great use of water to grow real grass. But how do you find out what is the best artificial grass out there? Also, as we found out when we started looking, how do you even determine what makes a good artificial grass?


Interestingly not all artificial grasses are created equal, there are some that are more realistic than others, some that are tougher than others, and some that are less expensive than others. We incorporated all of these factors when we looked for artificial grass for a project here and if you are interested in more details about these specific points we have a more in-depth article planned so stay tuned for that. Let’s get into the list.


Petgrow Custom Sized Synthetic Turf


Petgrow Artificial Grass

Overall this was the best artificial grass we found, it has grass of varying heights so it looks more realistic than a lot of other turfs we tried. Another really cool thing we liked about this turf in particular is that you can order it in just about any size you need. Other grasses on the market generally need to be cut to a specific size, but for this one you can order it just as you need it.

Petgrow Synthetic Turf was also really tough, it stands up to UV rays really well, and won’t deteriorate quickly like some other artificial grasses we found. They also pride themselves as a company on their customer service, although we didn’t need to contact their customer service so we can’t attest to that.

Another thing we liked about this artificial grass in particular was its coloring. They blended darker greens with some lighter greens and even the occasionally yellow or brown to make the grass look pretty real. It is really cool to see a company that puts so much thought into their artificial grass and we think it speaks volumes about the quality of the product.


Fas Home Artificial Grass


Fas Artificial Grass

It was really close between this one and the Petgrow and we found that the Fas Home Artificial Grass was just about tied in every aspect with the Petgrow. Just like the Petgrow they used grass of different heights so their turf looks pretty realistic. Also you can order the Fas Home Artificial Grass in just about any size you need. This grass tended to be a little more expensive than the Petgrow for equivalent sizes so that is what knocked it out of the top spot.\

Another cool thing we liked about this artificial grass was that it is a slightly shorter height than the Petgrow which makes it great for things like building a putting green or anything where you don’t want the grass to be super long. Something else we wanted to mention which we didn’t see on other reviews of artificial grass was that this grass in particular has a pretty heavy weight so when you put it down it is not going to blow away or get ruffed up by a dog or a cat. Not all of the grasses we tested were as heavy as this one and that made it a bit easier for them to get messed up by animals or whatever is going on in the area.


Ottomanson Artificial Turf


Ottomanson Artificial Grass

In the interest of providing a more budget-friendly option we wanted to put the Ottomanson Artificial Turn on this list. It is not as realistic or heavy duty as the other options but it is also much, much less expensive. If you are not looking for the most real looking artificial grass in the world and just want something tough and low maintenance then this could be a pretty great option.

We don’t want to steer you wrong, this artificial grass is still really tough and will surely hold up for a long time. It also comes in lots of different sizes so you can get it for just about any space you need to cover. Another thing that makes this turf really rough is that it comes with drainage holes built right in so the turf won’t mold or get a mildew smell if it gets wet.

We had a staffer that just wanted a piece of artificial grass for his back porch of his apartment so that his dog could have somewhere to roll around and do his business. This turf was absolutely perfect for this since he didn’t need to worry about how much money he had spent on it and could just let his dog enjoy it.


SavvyGrow Artificial Grass


SavvyGrow Artificial Grass

Another less expensive option is SavvyGrow Artificial Grass. This one looked pretty real and was really tough. This was another grass that we tested that did really well in staying put once we put it down, the backing is anti-slip and seemed to do exactly what it claimed. Another thing we really liked about the SavvyGrown is that they call out that their grass is non-toxic which is really important since usually artificial grass is used around pets and children. 

The SavvyGrow comes with drain holes in the backing so that it can be hosed off really easily and if it gets rained on the water will drain off so the grass won’t mildew or mold. Amazingly this stuff claimed to be fire resistant although we did not have a chance to put that to the test. If you are able to test this drop us a line, we would really like to hear if this is actually true.

Another really cool thing about the SavvyGrow is that it comes with a money back guarantee. They say if you buy it and are not completely satisfied they will return it no questions asked. Again, we didn’t have time to test this claim, nor did we feel right returning artificial grass after we had put it through the ringer, but the fact that they call this out speaks volumes about the company behind the product.

What we learned

We wanted to point out that none of the grasses we tested did horribly, so if you are looking for artificial grass and you find one you like that is not on this list it doesn’t mean it is terrible. It just might not be the best artificial grass out there. Artificial grass used to be something that was obvious and looked cheap but with this test we found that things have changed quite a bit and some of these artificial grasses looked really realistic. No matter why you are thinking about using artificial grass any one on this list will be an excellent candidate for your needs.


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