The Best Gardening Clothes in 2021

Solving jigsaw puzzles, cooking, and baking are not the only hobbies that gained popularity during this quarantine. In fact, you’ll see many people devoting their extra time exercising their green thumbs. People have tried everything from planting flowers and taking care of succulents to growing vegetables and herbs for their kitchen garden. But if you want to get into gardening, what are the best gardening clothes out there?

If you’re a gardening newbie, know that the term ‘gardening’ is not only about using tools like pruning shears, shovels, mowers, or rakes.  For people who love digging in the dirt as a professional or hobbyists, gardening workwear is equally essential. You not only need workwear that makes you feel comfortable but that is also functional and durable. 

Usually, your gardening clothing choice is going to depend on where you live and the gardening type you do. Of course, if you’re a suburban gardener with an expansive lawn, you need better mud and sun protection. But if you’re an urban dweller and like planting on a fire escape or in windows, your requirements will be different (and you may not need gardening clothes at all).

Not sure about the best gardening workwear? Fear not, we have you covered here.

This article includes the four best gardening clothes that we have chosen and graded on their functionality, comfort, durability, and safety. Let’s get started!

Frogg Togg Classic Breathable Rain Bib (Best Product)

This excellent gardening clothing from Frogg Togg Classic is undeniably one of the top choices. This landscaping and gardening coverall fits the is definitely functional, comfortable, and durable. 

Frogg Toggs is famous for its exceptional construction and its usage of premium materials. When we use these we can get down in the mud, get wet, and never have to worry about the clothes we have on underneath.  We love that these rain bibs come with taped seams so the seams are not only super strong but are also great at keeping the water out.

The zippered front opening allows you to slip in and out effortlessly. They have elastic and adjustable suspenders that have quick-release buckles that make them even easier to hop in and out of. With no belt required, there are no worries about binding and keeping your shirt tucked in.

Rain bibs can be made of all kinds of materials. Most of them use 100% polypropylene which is good for insulating in cooler weather. Frogg Togg Classic’s rain bib is probably the most functional piece of clothing you can wear for gardening honestly.   

There is no denying that Frogg Togg Classic’s rib has some exceptional features, and that is why it has made it to the top of our list.  Lightweight, breathable, weather protected, and affordable, it has all you can ask for to make your gardening fun.

SEUROINT Garden Gloves Women and Men Working Gloves (Second Best)

When choosing protective gear for gardening tasks, no landscaper should work without a pair of sturdy gloves. Whether you’re a landscaper or gardener, working without gloves can increase the risk of getting cuts, blisters, and scrapes from tools and prickly thorns. 

But not all gloves are up to the job, we have gone through hundreds of pairs over the years and have a few tips if you are in the market. First there are two different ways you can go with gloves (and trust me we have tried them both), you can either go for cheap and cheerful and expect to replace them every season or two, or you can spend a little more and get gloves that will last multiple seasons. Let me stress, neither one of these ways is wrong, I know lots of gardeners that buy cheap gloves and wear them till they are full of holes and just buy another pair. If you are looking for a decent cheap pair, don’t overthink it, the Amazon Basics actually will work just fine. If you want to splurge and spend a little more money then I would recommend the NoCry gloves, they are super thick and are basically indestructible.

Whichever set of gloves you go for make sure you get gloves that are made for the type of gardening you do. If you are up to your ears in Rose Bushes all day then you don’t want thinner gloves that are made for lighter jobs.

Waterproof Vinyl Apron (third Best)

This piece of protective garden wear is for tough people. With stronger stitching and premium quality material, Waterproof Vinyl Apron is must-have gardening clothing for various outdoor and indoor activities. It comes with numerous features that make your gardening task supremely easy.

Waterproof Vinyl Apron is lighter in weight, meaning you can move around wearing it for hours. There is no need for an extra belt with this apron. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your shirttail coming out or pants slipping down.

One quality that sets this gardening wear apart from other aprons is its water resistance. As shown in the name, the clothing piece is waterproof and can keep you dry from wet dirt or mud in your garden. In fact, this professional quality waterproof apron is ideal for all-day wear, whether you’re working in a home yard or a professional environment. The high standard design offers superlative craftsmanship.

The apron has long and wide ties with a sturdy buckle that keeps it from moving. The extra-long ties also have a removable neck strap, adding more comfort to this gardening wear. Keeping your outfit dry and clean, the slippery outside of this gardening wear deflects stains that you get while spreading compost or shoveling. 

The multipurpose apron also offers protection while doing tasks like arts and crafts and pottery.  It is vinyl in the apron that keeps it soft enough for prolonged use, making it perfect for years of daily use.  For its star qualities, Waterproof Vinyl Apron is the third-best product on our list.

Ushake Mosquito Net Hat (Fourth Best)

Don’t forget that to care for your floral heaven, protecting yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays is essential.  That is why we have added a gardening hat to this list.  No matter how much you like being out in the sun, you can lose your aim of trimming or planting if the sun is shining too bright or your garden is full of mosquitoes. Not to mention, this situation can lead to an uncomfortable ailment like sunburn.

That is when you need Ushake mosquito net hat to keep yourself protected from scorching heat and buzzing bees. The beautiful hat offers dual functionality when it comes to protecting you.  It comes with a hidden mesh compartment adjusted on the top that hides your full head and serves as a bug guard.    All you need is to pull up the mesh to fit the size if on your head.  It covers your entire face and prepares you for outdoor activities without any annoying bugs, flies, and mosquitoes.

Sun protection, of course, is the second prominent feature of this gardening wear. Ushake mosquito net hat features a 360-degree brim to provide wearers optimal protection against ultraviolet rays.  Gardening is a long-day task, and if you live in a location that experiences temperate summers, you need a hat to protect your skin from sun rays.

Ushake mosquito net comes with a head circumference of 22.8 inches, which is suitable for all head sizes. The fabric is a blend of polyester and nylon that make this gardening clothing long-lasting and extremely comfortable to wear for extended hours. Also, the blends keep your head cool during the long summer days.

How to Pick Gardening Clothes

As mentioned above, when you head to your mini heaven, your clothes can make a real difference.  Note that the better protected and comfortable you feel, the longer you will be able to spend your day in the garden.  And the type of clothing you wear can help you maintain your plot and purpose.

So far, we have talked about the best gardening clothes you can wear while doing different gardening tasks. It is time to discuss some tips you can use to pick the right gardening wear.

Look out for Comfy Clothes

The tip may sound trivial to you, but it can significantly impact your work and mood. Gardening requires a lot of movement as you plant seeds, shovel sand, or trim shoots. And if you’re not wearing clothes that allow you to squat, bend, sit, and stretch, you won’t be able to move comfortably and freely. That is what makes choosing comfy clothes for gardening important.

Pick Clothes with Pockets and Layers

This is a great tip you can make a part of your buying practice. You should prefer buying clothes that have multiple layers and pockets for gardening.  More layers often translate into better protection from dirt, debris, and UV rays.

For instance, vests or aprons come with light layers that keep dirt away and allow you to move arms freely.  You may also buy pants and ribs with pockets on the thigh to help you stash garden essentials.

Buy Functional Gardening Wear

Functionality should be the first feature in your mind when choosing gardening attire.  Whether picking weeds or growing herbs, you need clothes that can help you perform your tasks conveniently. Each piece of clothing should serve a purpose when you do gardening.

Choose clothes that have ideal fabric, stitching, and designing for gardening. Plus, make sure your gardening wears are lightweight and water-resistant. The two features are significant in making gardening hassle-free.

Pick Clothing that Withstands Weather

Working in the garden is difficult if your clothes can’t withstand chills and keep you cozy. It goes the same for a hot, sweaty day when you need a piece of clothing that can keep you cool and comfortable for extended hours in your garden.

As mentioned above, your clothing choice depends on the weather, your location experiences in general. You must choose gardening clothes that can go along with the weather and keep you comfortable and safe.

Summing Up

Overall, there are countless options when it comes to choosing gardening wear. However, you must pick the clothing that is right for you and suits your needs the best. The clothing choices mentioned above are excellent in this regard and not only can help you stay safe but also get more enjoyment and fun out of your gardening job. Thus, choose this piece of clothes for gardening and make the most of your activity.

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