The Best Soaker Hoses 2021

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Efficient garden watering is possible with soaker hoses because they offer the most coverage while also minimizing water loss due to things like evaporation. Since they’re so beneficial, you’ll want to invest in the best soaker hose. A soaker hose resembles a conventional garden hose, but there’s a big difference. It features small pores or holes all over it; the pores aid water release from the hose gradually. This promotes more efficient water flow from the hose to your plant’s base. But how do you choose the best soaker hose?  Since numerous brands and styles exist, you’ll want to check out this list that features the best soaker hoses.

On a side note if you are just getting started you can take a look at our steps to get started in gardening (also we are super happy you are getting started!).

Gilmour Flat Weeper Soaker HoseGilmore Flat Soaker Hose



The Gilmour flat weeper is a flat soaker that’s available in length from 25ft, 50ft, and 75ft long. You can easily develop a watering system when you bury it underneath the mulch. The clog-resistant fabric allows consistent soaking without debris getting stuck inside. 

With this hose, it’s possible to snake beneath your mature plants or new rows of seedlings. Consequently, your plants will enjoy deeper and efficient watering. Most poor-quality hoses discharge considerable water through evaporation but in our testing this hose didn’t. During irrigation, there’s minimal water loss because it uses tiny holes that are sufficient to discharge water. As a result, water oozes slowly into the soil so there is less evaporation. 

Moreover, the hose is vinyl, making it sturdier than other brands. You can turn it off and on with a timer or manually from the spigot. You should buy the timer separately because it doesn’t come with the product. When it comes to storage, you can roll it up for use the next season. You’ll discover that the flat design allows easy storage. Avoid keeping it outside during winter. Other benefits include;


  • It comes with a 7-year warranty that will cover the cost of any material defects.
  • The material is environmental-friendly.
  • The clog-resistant fabric ensures a smooth flow of water.


  • It’s somewhat delicate and vulnerable to rupturing.

Melnor Flat Soaker Hose

Menlor Flat Soaker Hose



With this brand, you can obtain a 25ft, 50 ft, or 75 ft hose, each with two washers. The soaker’s flat design makes it extremely flexible and versatile and allows you to direct the water precisely where needed. You just need to position it above the ground or place it beneath a thin layer of soil or mulch. 

The weight, size, and length of this system make it suitable for most gardens. It can be folded up which makes storing and carrying easy. Like other premium soakers, this hose offers maximum efficiency when watering a garden. 

The porous Melnor garden soaker delivers soft and gentle watering where you need it. Since it doesn’t allow water wastage, it is suitable for vegetables or raised beds. The soaker hose comprises a connection feature whereby the rust-resistant end caps permit you to connect numerous hoses. As a result, you can water the entire garden easily, irrespective of its layout or size. 

You can fit the threads of this hose to any ordinary garden hose. At the cap’s end, you’ll find a rust-resistant fitting to decrease the likelihood of rusting. You must also consider the installation of a barbed cap at the end to decrease the probability of clogs. These systems are excellent for meandering curves. However, if your garden is sharp-angled, consider the ½” Elbow. 

An advantage of this hose it that it maintains its flatness until water flows through the hose. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of tripping while picking vegetables or weeds. You’ll also find that its flat nature ensures easy storage. Other benefits include


  • You can place it under a thin soil layer to perform underground irrigation.
  • It’s easily foldable.
  • It’s rustproof and the hose has a 2-year warranty. 


  • The warranty is relatively short.

 Dramm Soaker Garden Hose

Dramm Soaker Hose



This brand might be the most appropriate when it comes to hoses. It’s available in 25 or 50 ft in length and lets you water your gardens and beds conveniently. Moreover, it enables even watering, so you won’t have soggy patches in your garden. 

If you intend to walk through later to picks weeds vegetables, this is ideal. Dramm hoses are made of recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly. Dramm soaker’s design further allows you to water the entire garden using 90% less water than conventional systems. 

The hose is approximately 50% thicker than other brands making it more durable. 


  • It comes with a Lifetime guarantee in case of any defects.
  • It is great for smaller gardens.

Apex Soil Soaker 

Apex Soaker Hose



Efficient garden watering isn’t always easy, but Apex Soil Soaker makes things less tedious. This hose is available in 25 ft, 50 ft, or 100 ft in length. 

You can connect numerous hoses to reach every corner of your garden. Due to its design, you should place it beneath the soil to allow a suitable irrigation system that doesn’t require a lot to manage. The hose comprises numerous pores, allowing you to obtain the desired soak for your plants. 

It’s flexible design further ensures that it’s crack-free and durable. It has a 7-year guarantee and you can be certain that this product will serve you well and last a long time. 

The product is relatively affordable, and while it doesn’t save as much water as other brands, you’ll still be able to use 30% less water than you’d use with an ordinary garden hose. This soaker offers even and deep soaking for the roots owing to the weeping pores


  • You can wind the hose up easily once it’s time to remove it for the season.
  • It allows for easy handling due to the flexibility it offers.
  • Its flatness allows better and easier placement at the roots.


  • The water-saving is relatively smaller

Runner Ups –

Water Right Soaker 

Water Right Soaker Hose



If you’re keen on buying a slightly more modern hose, this brand might be suitable. The Water Right soaker is made of polyurethane along with lead-free fittings. Consequently, there are no phthalates or BPA. You’ll also enjoy the fact that it has chrome-plated and lead-free fittings, so they won’t tarnish. Typically, hose kink is a huge concern, but water right hoses feature strain reliefs on the ends. 

The hose is flexible, and you can use it in any weather, including freezing temperatures. While it’s not recommendable to leave them out throughout winter, the first frost won’t damage this hose. You can choose from 25 ft, 50 ft, or 100 ft. You could purchase any two sizes and connect them. However, it functions best if you use it straight without curving while watering your garden. 

 Swan Products-Element Sprinkler Soaker

Element Soaker Hose



If you prefer a soaker hose comprising a sprinkler, you’ll find one available from Swan Products. The 50ft long hose is easy to handle and makes watering your garden or lawn easier. It has an adjustable spray that can reach approximately 50ft away from your sprinkler system. Made of recycled and reinforced rubber it is easy to roll out and remains flat. 

You don’t have to worry about twists or kinks with this soaker hose. Moreover, the brass fittings comprise plastic couplings for durability and longevity. Element Sprinkler has laser-cut holes, allowing for precise and even coverage. This product might be ideal for the hard-to-reach areas in your garden. 



Green Mount Soaker HoseGreen Mount Soaker Hose



Gardeners like the patented hose, which offers everything you need. It leaks approximately two gallons every two minutes through 60 PSI. Consequently, Green Mount outshines several other brands. 

There’s even water distribution from one end to another, so you can relax knowing that the plants farther away will receive a similar amount of water. 

It constitutes PVC material instead of recycled rubber. Therefore, you won’t deal with the issue of uneven water quantities. The product comes flattened, allowing easy storage. It’s also kink-free, making it easy to unroll, turn the water on, and begin watering your garden. 

The product features superior tensile strength, increasing durability even during summer. You can position the versatile hose above the ground or beneath some mulch. Other features include


Also Notable

Yardworks Garden Hose



Choosing a hose from this brand means water savings up to 70% of water. Since the hose leaks water into the ground at the plant’s base, it allows a more efficient dispersal system. 

The Yardworks hose features a steady soaking element, allowing water to come out at a similar rate. You’ll need to wet your plants to maintain them in a moist state and you could use a timer to stop the water flow as required. 

Made from 65% recycled rubber, the hose is environment friendly and does an excellent job of watering plants. Another feature to watch for is the plastic couplings at the end of the hose; they allow you to connect the hose to another to give more length. Therefore, you can lengthen a 50ft hose to reach 100ft for your watering needs. 

Osmile Soaker Hose



The 100 ft hose by Osmile is heavy and needs extra effort to handle. However, the additional weight arises from the fact that it uses thicker and tougher materials. 80% of the materials that go into the making of the hose are recycled, great for green or environmentally friendly gardeners. 

The top-rated hose comes with additional thick walls, meaning you’ll always obtain a slower soaking for minimal breakdown and efficient watering. Despite its length, the Osmile hose guarantees even water flow throughout its length. 

Another benefit is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime assurance against material flaws. You’ll discover that the hose is ideal for watering larger areas and can transport water over long distances with negligible leakage. 

Although it’s durable, it’s bulky to maneuver. In cases where you want to position the hose around corners, be ready for some work. One flaw the hose features is the end caps, which are plastic-made. You’ll find that they’re not as reliable as the hose, in which case, you’re better off substituting them with brass versions. Thankfully, they’re affordable and easily available. 

Swan Miracle-Gro 25′ Soaker



If your garden is small, you’ll find this system very useful. The soaker is also customizable, so you can cut and join it with the 4-piece connectors. You’ll also find that the hose is comparatively lightweight and hence easy to handle. 

Moreover, it’s easy to control the water flow when using the Swan Miracle system because of the integrated flow plug. Like most hoses from this brand, it will use up to 70% less water than ordinary garden hoses. 

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll be glad to know that it has a minimal environmental impact because its manufacture comprises 65% recycled rubber. However, this material is still sturdy and long-lasting enough. 

Pressure regulators are typically unnecessary with this hose because the adjustment of water pressure occurs by the closure or opening of the flow. You don’t need to worry about clogging either. This hose comes with a 7-year warranty, revealing its durability. 

Rocky Mountain Radar Goods



The 5/8-inch 25 ft long soaker hose constitutes recycled rubber that offers build quality and a heavy-duty performance since the rubber is typically recycled from tires. Although it’s 25 ft, this isn’t the limit because you can join another hose quickly with the aid of reinforced fittings. 

Its thick body ensures that water doesn’t escape the system easily. In turn, this results in up to 70% water saving than a conventional water sprinkler. It comes with a 7-year warranty and offers the best option for flower and garden beds. 

Flexon Soaker Hose



The soaker hose is available in a typical length of 50ft and ½ -inch diameter. You’ll find two in a pack and you can fit them together easily if you require a longer reach. However, you’ll have to purchase the fittings to do this yourself. 

At the ends are female and male connections similar to a normal garden hose. Typical connectors will work just fine. Like other hoses, it constitutes recycled materials and has filters to prevent the entry of larger debris. 

Beware that it isn’t as flexible as other hoses. Therefore, if you want to curve it around corners, be ready to let it sit for some days in the sun. For optimum outcomes, use landscape staples to maintain it in place. You want to avoid kinks, which will result in water backing up and ultimately damage. 

Gardener’s Supply Snip-n-Drip Soaker Hose



Drip irrigation should hydrate your plants, not soak them. If you seek a hose that achieves this, consider this hose. It allows even water distribution into your garden while keeping your plants looking great. The system has a broad diameter that permits water to flow up to the hose’s farthest corner. This helps in ensuring that every part covered by the hose remains hydrated. 

You can set it up easily in a couple of minutes after buying and start using it immediately. Upon installation, water will begin flowing in your garden and you won’t need to put any other system in place. 


  • It lacks a pressure regulator.
  • The connectors might pop off when the water’s pressure is high.

As a gardener, you’ll want to invest in the best tools to yield great results. A crucial tool you’ll need to invest in is a soaker hose, which offers sufficient water to keep your plants healthy. If you’re uncertain of the hose to buy, this list offers some of the best options. 

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